Services provided: Product marketing


Performance in garage flooring.

Swisstrax commercial flooring tiles are uniquely designed and can be used in several commercial applications. They come in 17 colors and five designs that allow you to custom design your commercial flooring tiles for use in a showroom, dance floor, for trade shows, gym flooring, office flooring and more. Swisstrax commercial flooring tiles can even be customized with a logo or design of your choosing to make your commercial uses have that extra touch of professionalism. They are a licensed product for many of the major auto manufacturers and after market companies.

RCNP supplied the Charlotte Motor Speedway with SWISSTRAX flooring at the newly built Winners Circle Lounge to brand the Swisstrax product in and around motorsports facilities and key figures at Sonic Automotive and Speedway Motorsports Inc. Our goal is to represent Swisstrax on the East coast.